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Mastodon is a decentralized social network, made up of many different instances directed to many topics. This Instance is mainly about and for users from Luxembourg. (this does not mean that no one else can join.)

We encourage free speech, yet everything has it's limitations.
What you should do:
  • express yourself
  • share interesting things
  • get to know new people
  • be nice and helpful to other members

What you must not do:
  • spam
  • harass other members
  • toot extremist propaganda
  • advertize
  • toot illegal content under international, EU and Luxembourgish law

Bots should alway be programmed as to be clearly marked as a bot and not auto-follow other members. Also they should not spam the timeline.

The admins can at any point block or limit a user for misconduct. If you want to file a complaint even if the person is from another instance please use the report function on the user's profile.