1.) The admins of this instance have intentionally no control about what is hidden behind links, be careful and check the URLs before clicking on them. The user takes full responsibility of what he posts. It is also the users responsibility to report any illegal material or misconduct.
2.) Only after a report the admins can act against.
3.) You can delete you account by yourself in your user settings, all your information will be deleted from the database.
4.) If there is an issue with the deletion of your account please contact us using the e-mail address you used to register (if possible) and provide proof that it is indeed your account.
5.) Also use the report function for copyright claims and give us proof of ownership. We can only act on copyright claims if they happen on our instance (mastodon.lu). If the concerned user is not from our instance, please contact the concerned instance the user is registered.
6.) The admins can at any point block or limit a user for misconduct. Especially when the content is illegal content under international, EU and Luxembourgish law. In the case of a ban some minor data will be kept to prevent the user from being able to use this instance.
7.) By registering on this instance you agree to the rules, and that you have reached the legal age to register on this EU-based instance. If you have not reached the legal age, or are unsure if you are, to register on this instance please check EU and Luxembourgish laws.

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